Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Life Insurance for Parents

Approximately 7.5 million people who are employed in UK have their life insurance through their employer. Apart from that one needs to check what cover he or she has and decide whether this existing cover needs to be topped-up. With employer provided cover, it is important to note that life insurance cover will be lost when you leave that employer for whatever reason.

The most popular type of Life insurance is Term or Fixed Life Insurance. This type of cover is quite simple in a sense that it never changes during the life of the insurance policy. It stays the same till the end and in the case of you die, beneficiaries are going always to receive the same amount. After this policy expires, beneficiaries loose any right to compensation. It is common to arrange that this lump payment is equal to ten times the annual earning.

Term assurance policy is flexible enough so that it can include critical illness insurance or, so called, long term insurance. What this means is that, in case of development of a serious and threatening medical condition, you will receive a monthly payment that will cover you till the time you are due to retire.

It is not always the best option to go for cheap insurance quotes, since one should understand what he or she is getting for the money. While express insurance will save you time, it might cost you a dear in a long term if you are not getting the service right for your circumstances.

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Review of Prudential Life Insurance

If you are looking for life cover it would be unwise to miss Pru Life Insurance. While quotes from Prudential are not geared towards the economy class, they certainly have few equals when it comes to covered critical and terminal illness conditions. Prudential covers for 154 illness conditions, while industry's average is around 35. There are other features, like discounts for membership in a selected health clubs. In other words, Prudential Life Insurance is life cover provider for the higher end of the market.

The way it works with Prudential Life Insurance is that you do not have many different products, but you instead have one starting product which you can customize by adding various options.
We only have enough space for a brief introduction here, but if you would like to read more check out our full review of the Prudential Life Insurance on our site: AbbotFinancial.com.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Flexibility is the key to life insurance

Another flexible option that can be added to you life insurance is a Family Income Benefit policy, which would provide your family with a regular monthly income from the time of your death till the end of the term you choose, e.g. 20 years. If, for example, you died 5 years into the policy, under the Family Income Benefit online insurance quotes policy your policy beneficiaries would receive an income for the remaining 15 years.

However it might sound obvious that policy needs to be done in such a way that it is paid out to the right person, because this is not automatic, you need to make sure that policy is written in a trust with a named beneficiary, otherwise proceeds will become a part of your overall estate. That will assure that the quote life insurance policy payout will circumvent the probate and it will be paid directly to your dependents.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Review of Sun Life Insurance

Sun Life Insurance is particularly interesting to people who are over 50 years of age. Sun Life Insurance had build impeccable reputation in this field by taking care of the concerns and worries of the senior citizens. The products that Sun Life is known for are Guaranteed Over 50 plan, Simple Choice Funerals, 50 Plus Protector, Easy Cover and Bonus CashBuilder Plus.

One little known fact is that, at least, according to the Sun Life's online quotation form in the Over 50s plan, smokers do not pay extra premium for practicing this harmful habit. On the opposite side, younger people who want to apply to the Easy Cover plan and who are smokers will have to pay extra.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Review of Tesco Life Insurance

One unusual fact about Tesco Life Insurance is that you get some unexpected freebees. As soon as you purchase Tesco life insurance you start accumulating points on your Tesco Clubcard. So, you spend more to protect a long term future of your family and at the same time you save on groceries. No, neither Prudential nor Aviva can match that.

Tesco Life Insurance starts from the age of 17 and goes all the way up to 64. Tesco would want to know some details, like your employment status, your lifestyle, health, history of any diseases in your family and weather you have a mortgage or not.

If you want to find out more about Tesco Life Insurance, please read a full review on our site: AbbotFinancial.com.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Review of Aviva Life Insurance

Aviva life insurance is the premier insurance company in UK. Not that Aviva is just a big company, it has a portfolio of products that is difficult to match by breath and depth. Some of the greatest product Aviva has are: Decreasing Life Insurance, Guaranteed Whole of Life Insurance, Level Life Insurance and so on.

If you have a reasons to look into the future with uncertainty and you worry about finishing the repayment of your mortgage, than Aviva Life insurance might have Decreasing Life Insurance cover for you. If you have a number of dependents and you need to secure their future, at least till, for example, they finish a college than Aviva might have Level Life Insurance or Guaranteed Whole of Life Insurance.

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Monday, 26 January 2009

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